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Posts tagged "Property Division"

Could a divorce loan help your case?

A recent news article touches on a very important topic. There are many situations where one spouse is the moneymaker in the relationship and the other spouse has given up their career to stay home with children. During the many years of the marriage the spouse who is working may move up through the ranks and start earning a very large salary. At the same time the non-monied spouse continues to take care of the children and the home.

What documents do I need to collect for my divorce?

When filing for divorce, the amount of paperwork that may be involved can seem daunting. If you aren’t sure what paperwork you need to collect in order to file, reach out to your attorney. An experienced attorney will walk you through the process and help you understand what documents will be important to your case.

Understanding equitable distribution in Florida

Divorce can be a very complicated and intensely emotional process. Various legal matters can be complex and difficult for the average person with no legal background to understand. Any Florida resident facing issues regarding equitable distribution of assets will want to seek clarification before attempting to negotiate a settlement.

It’s important to establish the value of your unique assets

Couples who have been together for decades often worked hard to acquire the assets they have. The home they now own and the prized possessions in it may have come about after years of hard work by both individuals. It makes sense, then, that an individual would have a fear of losing these assets in a divorce. To some, it may seem petty to fight over inanimate objects, but those who own them often understand that they have a monetary value as well as a personal value.

What is your retirement plan after divorce?

The last thing someone going through divorce in Florida may be thinking about is their retirement. Most individuals are thinking about their current financial state and the financial state that will follow after the divorce is finalized. But financial professionals urge individuals to keep their retirement goals a top priority because retirement age may be coming sooner than you think.

What can a divorce do for me?

Some people head into divorce with specific expectations of how things will go. These expectations may come from seeing their friend's divorce play out or seeing their parents go through divorce. Expectations might even be formed by what someone reads online and what they see in movies. There are definitely some things that every person can expect to get from divorce, but it's important to understand what divorce can and cannot do.

What does a court consider when distributing assets?

When it comes to splitting assets during divorce, Florida uses the equitable distribution method, meaning that the court will divide property in a fair (but not necessarily equal) way. Some might wonder how a court comes to such a decision. There are many things that the court takes into consideration.

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