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Posts tagged "High Asset Divorce"

Why being a dentist can be hazardous to your marriage

When people think of professions with high divorce rates, dentistry doesn't generally come to mind. However, dentists do have a higher rate of marriage dissolution than people in many other professions. Several key reasons have been cited.

Marital assets that people too often forget in a divorce

When you're going through a divorce, you'll be making a list of all of your assets. This will include real estate, cars, boats, home furnishings, bank accounts investments, retirement accounts, stock options and other assets related to your employment as well as anything else that you and your spouse may be dividing up.

Divorce rate is still over 50 percent thanks to baby boomers

Some media reports have challenged the long-held belief that half of all marriages end in divorce. They point to several trends, including the fact that the divorce rate has dropped in the past few decades, particularly among young people. Further, people are being more selective in choosing a mate and waiting longer to take the plunge.

Do you really need a Florida divorce attorney?

Increasingly, Florida couples are opting not to have a litigated divorce. For couples without minor children and/or those who don't have substantial assets to divide, this can be a simpler, faster, more cost-effective choice if they're able to work out issues of property division amicably without each retaining an attorney.

Don't forget tax implications when you divide assets in a divorce

When you're going through a divorce and working towards a settlement, an experienced Florida family law attorney will advise you to look beyond the immediate financial impacts of the settlement to consider longer-range tax implications. If assets aren't correctly divided, you could end up with tax obligations you didn't anticipate. That's why many people have tax and financial advisors on their divorce "team" in addition to their attorney.

It's essential to talk to your kids about finances after divorce

Nearly every couple who goes through a divorce experiences some negative impact to their financial situation no matter how favorable the settlement is for them. It's simply more expensive to maintain two households than one. For couples with children, this generally means changes in their lives. They may have to give up some of the things they've grown accustomed to.

How to avoid seeing your ex-spouse on your credit report

In a divorce, spouses can determine, with the help of their attorneys, how they're going to divide up their joint debt. If they can't reach an agreement, it can be determined by a judge. Joint debt generally includes mortgages, car loans and credit cards.

Graduations can be challenging for divorced parents

One of the most difficult occasions for many divorced couples is a child's graduation from high school or college. It's a proud day for all parents, and one they may feel they played a big role in -- particularly if they foot the bill for an expensive college. However, for Florida parents who still don't get along, it also entails being around each other -- something they may have worked to avoid for many years.

Governor vetoes alimony bill due to child custody provisions

The so-called "Alimony Bill," also known as SB668, was the subject of much controversy in the Florida legislature's most recent session and among members of the public on both sides. In the end, Gov. Rick Scott vetoed the most recent attempt at alimony reform by state lawmakers — not because of its impact on alimony, but because of the changes it would have made to child custody laws.

Special considerations for people divorcing after 50

Our readers have likely heard the statistic that the divorce rate among couples in their 50s and older is increasing. If you are 50 or older, you need to consider a number of things younger people don't have to worry about when they divorce in order to help protect your financial security as a newly-single person.

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