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Posts tagged "High Asset Divorce"

Preparation is key if your divorce case goes to court

Most divorcing couples work to resolve their issues, with the help of their attorneys, outside of court. Litigated divorces can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. However, sometimes couples reach an impasse on an issue such as child custody, support or property division that neither one feels they can compromise on. They then turn to a judge to settle the matter.

When can you claim head of household tax status after divorce?

If you are a parent who separated or divorced in 2016, it's essential to ensure that you accurately reflect the changes in your life when you file your taxes. One important change that you'll likely need to make is your filing status.

Protecting your ideas in a prenuptial agreement

Today, it's not uncommon for millennials, raised in a generation where divorce was not unusual, to draw up prenuptial agreements before marrying. However, many are including an asset rarely addressed in prenups of the past -– their ideas, or, more specifically, intellectual property.

Don't compare your divorce settlement with anyone else's

This time of year, most people are doing more socializing than usual. This involves office Christmas parties, holiday soirees with friends and school holiday functions. If you're going through a divorce, you'll likely find no end of well-meaning advice from people you barely know as well as stories of other people's divorces.

Tips for planning a vacation with your kids

This time of year, many divorced Florida parents are making plans for holiday vacations with their kids. Whether you're planning on a short vacation to Key West, a Disney cruise or a ski trip to Austria, it's essential to make sure that your co-parent knows about your travel plans and that they don't violate your custody agreement or parenting plan.

Beachfront property trades hands for $29.45 million

When couples get a divorce, all assets tend to need to be divided, unless the pair has a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that states otherwise. It's not clear exactly what happened in this case, but when one partner wants to keep a home and the other does not, it's normal to buy out the person who isn't keeping the asset. In this case, that led to the transfer of a very expensive property.

Don't rely on amateur financial advice during your divorce

When you're going through a divorce, it may seem as though every family member, friend and work colleague has advice for you. Much of this is financial advice. Professional financial advisors say that they spend a good deal of time convincing their clients that the information they've received from people in their social circle is inaccurate and potentially detrimental to their financial future.

Unique considerations for people divorcing after 50

Many couples who head to South Florida to spend their retirement years or buy a home with the plan of retiring here decide they'd rather spend these latter years of their lives unmarried. While the overall divorce rate has been declining, the number of couples in their 50s and older who are divorcing has been rising.

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