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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Planning to divorce? Time to get organized

You've decided you want a divorce. You realize it's going to be emotionally taxing but even more so, you realize that it's going to include a lot of paperwork. When it comes to the emotional part, friends, family and possibly a psychologist may be good resources to turn to. And when it comes to the paperwork, turn to your lawyer. He or she can be the guiding light through the process, taking it from a stressful, complicated mess to an organized set of instructions.

The benefits of infidelity clauses in prenuptial agreements

Some of our readers likely know at least a little bit about prenuptial agreements, whether it is from a close friend's experience or from hearing stories related to prenups of the rich and famous. Usually, these agreements are used to make clear what will be separate and marital property in case of divorce. Other topics covered in prenuptial agreements include alimony and inheritance or estate planning issues.

Is getting rid of no-fault divorce a good idea?

Florida is a no-fault divorce state. What that basically means is that the spouse filing for divorce does not have to prove the other spouse was at fault, and the court will accept "irretrievably broken" as grounds for divorce. Since 1969, when California began offering no-fault divorces, all other states slowly began adopting no-fault divorce laws as well.

Kids and college: who will pay?

It may seem like child custody is the hardest issue to consider when it comes to divorce because it involves actual time spent with your child. But Florida parents should also consider the true value of having child support decided fairly. While there are legal guidelines when it comes to child support, there are also other expenses to consider such as health insurance and college costs. Even if your child is a toddler, it’s a good idea to think ahead. It may mean the difference between being able to put your child through college and struggling to pay for even a semester.

First comes divorce, then comes a tax audit

When it comes to a divorce that includes a lot of assets, it’s understandable that divorcees may feel overwhelmed. Step back, take a breath, and confide in your lawyer. Attorneys who specialize in high-asset divorces work with forensic accountants, business evaluation experts and tax professionals to get you through the process.

Looking forward to the positive side of divorce

When people hear the word 'divorce,' there are often negative emotions tied to it. But there are plenty of Florida divorcees that can honestly say it was the best decision they ever made. It may not have been an easy decision, but in the end it brought them to a better place.

More states consider equal custody laws

Although a shared parenting bill was vetoed last year in Florida by Gov. Rick Scott, there is no doubt that times are changing when it comes to child custody. Many states are looking at the benefits of custody arrangements that move parents closer to a 50-50 time split.

Social media and divorce: a mix to avoid

In a lot of ways, social media has had a positive effect on the lives of Florida residents. It can help people reunite with long-lost friends and relatives. It can even help people find a job by connecting with potential employers. But all things have their pros and cons and it seems social media can bring with it a negative impact on marriage and divorce.

Is your marriage headed for divorce? Watch for these signs

Marriage rarely comes without its share of fights and rough spots. Some Florida couples are able to navigate out of those rough patches, while others ultimately choose the route of divorce. While some marriages go straight for divorce after a serious event such as infidelity, many marriages slowly fall apart. It's not always possible to pinpoint the exact start of that detachment, but some people believe there are clear signs to watch for that may mean divorce is on the horizon.

Managing schedules and payments can be tricky after divorce

There is one thing that's hard to deny about divorce: it is complicated. That is not to say it's not worth it, but it can undoubtedly be complex and stressful, especially when kids are involved. It's not always as simple as making the decision, getting a lawyer, filling out paperwork and settling into a new home as a single person. When children are part of the process, even when all the lines have been signed and property has been separated, there will be ongoing "maintenance."

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