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Posts tagged "Divorce"

How can I keep costs down during divorce? (PART 1)

In general, divorce is a very emotional process because, on a very basic level, it's the end of a once-loving relationship. While these emotions can definitely take over during a divorce, it is best to remember that divorce is in large part a financial transaction. The more you let your emotions flood the process, the more expensive the process may get. While some may think that putting their all into the fight is for "the principle of the matter," many lawyers will remind you that putting your future financial wellbeing ahead of your principles may be a wiser choice.

New school year may bring challenges for divorced parents

It’s almost back to school time for thousands of Florida children. For some, this may be the first year they attend school as a child of divorce. Thankfully, with some prior planning and coordination, parents can help children cope with the changes that come with divorce during the school year.

Duchovny to pay $40K monthly in alimony after divorce

Divorces are happening every day in Florida and across the country, but once in a while one will be significant enough to make the news. In those cases, it is usually someone famous, and with fame usually comes fortune. That’s why it is no surprise that the most fascinating part of these high-asset divorces is often of the financial variety. These couples often have loaded bank accounts and numerous assets. It may get even more complicated if the marriage lasted a long time.

How will alimony be paid in Florida?

In our last post we discussed the basics of alimony in Florida. Most people want to know if they will receive alimony or will have to pay it. Now that you understand the various factors a court may take into consideration when determining alimony, you may be interested to know that alimony is not a one-size-fits all situation.

How is alimony determined in Florida?

Although we often talk about specific cases of divorce, it's also important to discuss the actual laws behind the process. One issue that Florida residents are often curious about is alimony (or spousal support). Many questions may arise, such as "Do I have to pay it?" or "How much will I get?"

What does a child of divorce really need?

With the stress and paperwork of divorce, parents can sometimes get caught up in their own feelings and forget the needs of their children. A recent article in The Huffington Post presented the needs of children of divorced parents in a very interesting way: as if a child is writing his or her parents a letter detailing his or her needs.

A prenuptial agreement may be disputed

Preparations for a wedding can start as early as one or two years before the actual ceremony date. There are endless things to consider such as who to invite, where to have the reception and what colors to incorporate. While these decisions may take center stage before a marriage, for some Florida couples, a prenuptial agreement may be just as important.

Grab your computer and do this before divorce (PART 2)

In our last post we discussed steps Florida residents should take in terms of their Internet presence before a divorce. As we mentioned before, it's important to change your social media account password. But it's also important to change all other passwords that your ex might know. Beyond that, you may want to change the security questions because your ex may be able to answer all or most of them.

Grab your computer and do this before divorce (PART 1)

For as long as divorce has existed, it has had one simple goal: help separate those who no longer want to be married. But in a way, that's the only thing that has really stayed the same. Divorce law is ever-changing and the face of divorce has changed from year to year as well. This especially happened when the Internet came along. With it came the ability to do business and banking online, to communicate with people from almost anywhere in the world, and the ability to digitalize so many different parts of our life. And as we have seen, all these things can now make divorce that much more complicated.

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