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What will happen to my business after divorce? (PART 2)

In our last post we began a discussion about the worries business professionals have when it comes to dividing their assets during divorce. If you have worked hard to keep your private practice going, it's only natural that you do not want to see it go under due to divorce.

What will happen to my business after divorce? (PART 1)

Divorce has many moving pieces and those pieces have a way of disrupting just about every part of your life. The divorce process will likely bring change to your current financial situation, as well as your familial and emotional situation. The fear of these transitions can often keep someone from filing for divorce for years, if not decades.

How do your stocks stack up after divorce?

There are many pieces in the asset division puzzle. And just like that 5,000-piece puzzle you've been working on, when you lose even one piece, it can be very frustrating. When couples are entangled in a high-asset divorce, the role of legal representation can really help put the mind at ease. A lawyer can be the person who keeps all your pieces on the table.

Florida has the highest filing fee in the country

A recent report from shows one of the many reasons that some people are hesitant to get a divorce in Florida: cost. In order to initiate the divorce proceedings in our state, Floridians will pay $409. That is the most expensive filing fee in the nation. Right behind us is Minnesota at $402 and California at $395. It may not seem that bad until you hear that the filing fee in Mississippi is $52.

Florida court hears divorced couple's case over custody of ashes

When someone in considers filing for divorce, it is recommended that they start compiling financial paperwork that could aid in the divorce process. That individual will likely start to consider what assets may be split up, including bank accounts, cars, a home, and furniture. While some of these things may be pretty typical in any divorce, every couple will have some unique assets that will have to be split up as well.

Divorce to include trial for famed documentary director

In our last post we discussed the fact that some people in Florida and across the United States try to hide assets during a divorce. This kind of behavior often stems from a spouse feeling that the division of all actual assets would be unfair to them. In some cases, these kinds of disagreements can be worked out with the help of lawyers and may lead to a settlement. In other cases, though, the divorce will have to make its way into the courtroom.

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