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Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney: Cheating Spouse Can Affect Alimony or Financial Settlements

You catch your spouse in an affair. The marriage is irreconcilably broken. Divorce is imminent. But can infidelity or the presence of an affair lead to more alimony or a larger financial award when the case is settled? That depends. The short answer is, No.

With South Florida Spring Break and Summer Vacation Approaching, Divorced Parents Must Make Travel Plans Soon, Fort Lauderdale Family Law Attorney Advises

Spring break and summer vacation are big holiday travel times for South Florida families - including those facing or with settled divorces. Depending on what parenting plan and a time-sharing schedule for minor children stipulate as far as each parent's travel schedules, it's never too soon to approach the other parent to plan a vacation getaway.

Why Timesharing / Custody Agreements Are Vital to Successful Post-Divorce Parenting

Any South Florida family law attorney or couples seeking separation or divorce who read a recent article in the Huffington Post would have been aghast at the tale. A divorced couple who shared custody of their son did so without any formal timesharing agreement. They agreed the son would live with his Mom, and spend time with his father in California. Then, following one trip west, the father informed the mother that he and his new wife thought they were better suited to serve the boy's needs. He called her unfit and claimed sole custody.

Pro Se Divorce Debate: Hire a South Florida Family Law Attorney - or Risk the Perils of Do-It-Yourself Representation

When facing divorce, couples have options. They can hire an experienced family law attorney who will protect his or her client's best interests; or the sides can download fill-in-the-blank documents and handle their divorce case pro se, or "for one's own behalf." In this do-it-yourself strategy, the individuals advocate for themselves or on their own behalf before a court, instead of hiring a lawyer.

With the possible exception of uncontested divorces with no assets or children, pro se representation is a risky proposition - no matter how much the sides believe they may save in the process. In fact, pro se representation can open both sides to permanent risk and significant financial loss.

Fort Lauderdale Family Law Attorney: South Florida Women Facing Divorce Must Be Financially Prepared

It's long been the lament of family law attorneys representing wives in separation and divorce cases. All too often, women arrive to this place in their lives with little to no knowledge of the family's finances. Many have been homemakers and mothers to the children - with no involvement in earning an income or managing the household's money matters.

If they get a look at the family's financial state, it may be a quick glimpse at the joint income tax return they sign, assuming the couple files jointly. If they file separately, they may have no idea what their spouse makes.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney: For Florida Alimony Reform to Succeed, Florida Needs Judicial Guidelines

Alimony reform has garnered much attention in recent years from family law attorneys and divorce lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton and throughout Florida. Attorneys for breadwinners ordered to pay ongoing alimony to ex-spouses have grown frustrated with seemingly unending payments.

Some such breadwinners call themselves "slaves" to alimony. As long as they're gainfully employed with no significant change in income or earnings, their financial obligations originally ordered by the court typically do not change until either party dies.

Leading South Florida Divorce Firm Adds Listings of Family Law Practice Areas

For Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami and other South Florida residents hoping to learn more about family law and specific divorce practice areas, The Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel P.A., recently updated its website to provide just that.

The Services page on the firm's site now offers in-depth explanations of various common practice areas. These include Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, Complex litigation, Timesharing / custody, Child support, Paternity actions, Alimony, Marital estate valuation, Equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, and Appeals.

Post-Divorce: Newly Single Dads Navigate the Dating Scene

Whether divorced, separated or alone with their children through tragic circumstances, single dads with kids face a brave new world. Like many single fathers, they still desire companionship. Yet, for many, kids come first. Balancing the needs of the family unit with the expectations of potential companions is, indeed, a balancing act.

As the Miami Herald wrote this week, "As fathers grow more engaged in child rearing, and courts more willing to grant them custody, [single dads and dating is] a growing issue.

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