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Alimony Archives

Florida Legislature Advances Bill to Ban 'Permanent' Alimony

Ending what some called an "outdated" system with possible laws that would give judges more flexibility in allocating the amount and duration of alimony, both the Florida House and Senate have advanced measures to end what many have called, "permanent alimony."

Supporters say the change would mirror changing American culture.

Fort Lauderdale Family Law Attorney: South Florida Women Facing Divorce Must Be Financially Prepared

It's long been the lament of family law attorneys representing wives in separation and divorce cases. All too often, women arrive to this place in their lives with little to no knowledge of the family's finances. Many have been homemakers and mothers to the children - with no involvement in earning an income or managing the household's money matters.

If they get a look at the family's financial state, it may be a quick glimpse at the joint income tax return they sign, assuming the couple files jointly. If they file separately, they may have no idea what their spouse makes.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney: For Florida Alimony Reform to Succeed, Florida Needs Judicial Guidelines

Alimony reform has garnered much attention in recent years from family law attorneys and divorce lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton and throughout Florida. Attorneys for breadwinners ordered to pay ongoing alimony to ex-spouses have grown frustrated with seemingly unending payments.

Some such breadwinners call themselves "slaves" to alimony. As long as they're gainfully employed with no significant change in income or earnings, their financial obligations originally ordered by the court typically do not change until either party dies.

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