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Timesharing/Child Custody Archives

Are stepfamilies the new norm? (PART 1)

The process of divorce ends with one distinct result: two single adults. For many of these adults, the continued hope is that they will someday remarry or at least find love again. If those adults have children, their new spouses will become stepparents, which can be a very challenging role to take on.

What can I use child support payments for?

Every state has specific guidelines and laws that regulate child custody. During a divorce, the courts can determine the amount of child support that a parent may have to pay. Both parents may wonder about the actual use of those funds - are there specific things that child support money is allowed to be used for?

Should we stay together for the kids?

Divorce can undoubtedly be put in a bad light from time to time, especially when people use terms like "broken home" when describing a family split up by divorce. One psychologist considers the term very dated and says brokenness should not be based on whether parents are married but on what is actually going on in the home.

Fathers fight gender bias in child custody disputes

Although the face of child custody is slowly changing over time, there are still many examples of gender bias in Florida and throughout the country. When we discuss gender bias we mean the presumption that a mother is in some way better suited to take care of a child (and therefore should have more time with that child).  Not to say that this is not true in some divorce cases, but the hope is that some day it will be standard that these types of biases don’t play into the child custody decision.

Child custody holiday do's and don'ts (PART 1)

Whether it be Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year's, the end-of-the-year holidays can be a very difficult time for couples going through divorce. It can be that much harder if children are involved. It's not a surprise that during this somewhat-stressful time of year some parents may act in ways that are not necessarily in the best interests of their children.

If you plan to divorce, plan on taking a parenting class as well

If you have minor children, these two things cannot go without each other. We're talking about divorce and parenting classes. The state of Florida requires that all parents of minor children who are divorcing take a four-hour parenting class known formally as a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course.

Building a blended family after divorce can be rewarding

Because of what we do, it makes sense that we often talk about the actual divorce process in this blog. But once in a while, it's also important to look toward the future and discuss how to best handle different situations post-divorce.

Is equal parenting time in the best interests of the child? PART 2

In our last post we talked about the evolution of child custody standards in our country. We have come to a place in history where shared custody is becoming more and more prominent as we work to satisfy the best interests of the child standard. But does shared custody really work to satisfy this standard?

Is equal parenting time in the best interests of the child? PART 1

There has been a lot of talk when it comes to how child custody is decided in Florida and across the country. Many states have taken on the debate of whether equal parenting time is more beneficial for the child than giving one parent sole custody.

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