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New Florida collaborative divorce law goes into effect July 1

A brand new, groundbreaking, collaborative divorce law in the state of Florida goes into effect beginning July 1. The new law, called the Collaborative Law Process Act. It creates an alternative to litigation for the divorce process in the state of Florida, known as collaborative law or the collaborative process.

Collaborative law could be an excellent match for your divorce

At the Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel, PA, when a client with a large marital estate comes to us, we immediately start to brainstorm ways we can help our client save money, time and stress the divorce proceedings. The larger the marital estate, the more complicated and time-consuming the asset division process can be, and the more opportunities there will be for spousal disagreements to spin out of control.

How to resolve family conflict

Family conflicts can be devastating if left to fester. When family members cannot work out their differences, issues can boil to the surface and lead to massive fights. Many family conflicts occur after the death of a parent, a divorce or other life changing event. Here are some tips for resolving family conflict in Florida.

New set of rules introduced for Florida family law court

A new set of rules and procedures has been introduced for Florida family law court by the Florida Supreme Court. The rules created are aimed at simplifying the various processes of family law in the state. They also created new procedures and rules for issues brought in front of family court.

Visitation plans for Florida child custody cases

Child custody can be a hot button topic for many divorcing couples that don't seem to get along well. For couples that can find common ground, visitation plans are a great way to schedule which parent will have the children at certain times of the week.

The benefits of divorce mediation in Florida

For some couples, divorce is inevitable. Because of this, both parties must be prepared for a tough battle over money, property and even children. Not every divorce will be uncontested. For those that are contested, divorce mediation is an excellent option for couples that just can't seem to agree on anything. Here are some benefits of divorce mediation in Florida.

You can choose to work together for your child's sake

Winning might be your goal in divorce, but is it really one that's worth the battle? Choosing to fight when you can negotiate or making things more difficult on purpose as punishment just draws out the divorce and ends up costing you more time and money. If you have children involved, they suffer the collateral damage, sometimes not feeling as if they're important or that their best interests are at heart. Other times, they may no longer want to see one parent or the other after a particularly nasty divorce.

You can use mediation to resolve your divorce more easily

You likely got married thinking you'd stay together forever, but if you and your partner are splitting, then you are among many individuals in the United States who go through the same situation every year. Over 20 percent of first marriages end in divorce within the first five years; around half of all marriages end within 20, according to the 2006 through 2010 National Survey of Family Growth.

The advantages of a collaborative divorce

When some couples decide that their marriages are no longer workable, they do realize that the two of them can still cooperate to determine issues of property division, spousal and child support and child visitation and custody. For them, a collaborative divorce can save time, money and stress.

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