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New school year may bring challenges for divorced parents

It’s almost back to school time for thousands of Florida children. For some, this may be the first year they attend school as a child of divorce. Thankfully, with some prior planning and coordination, parents can help children cope with the changes that come with divorce during the school year.

Communication is key in long-distance parenting arrangements

In our last post we talked about managing schedules when it comes to parenting, but what happens if one parent lives far away from the child? This can seem like an impossible arrangement, but there are things parents can do to keep a healthy relationship with their children while being physically away from them.

Florida judge makes unusual ruling in divorce case

No matter how amicable a divorce may be, any children involved in a split may end up with some level of emotional distress from the situation. When parents choose to divorce, often their main concern is the well-being of their children. With this in mind, they do their best to work things out quickly, divide up their assets and move on peacefully. But what happens when the court system intervenes and makes decisions in regards to their children that neither parent is pushing for?

Tips on how to stay civil during children's events

For many Fort Lauderdale parents, this is the time of year that is often anxiously awaited - the beginning of the new school year. While the new year brings with it busy kids and a quiet, cleaner house, for a lot of divorced parents, it also brings the inevitable run-ins with the ex-spouse during school events. If the thought of having to sit through another choir concert or parent-teacher conference with your ex brings a wave of stress, there are a few tips that can help parents cope.

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