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Posts tagged "child custody"

Why parenting plans change

One great thing about setting up a parenting plan with your co-parent is the predictability it brings. For example, there should rarely be a question about who pays what and when one parent has the child(ren). This stability is a huge stress reliever for children and parents alike. That said, life circumstances change. Little by little, your life may have transformed so much that seven years later, it is a poor match for the official parenting plan.

How to handle gifts that your ex gave your child

The holidays are approaching, so now is a fitting time to discuss what to do when gifts from your ex to your child lead to conflicts. For example, it is a sticky situation if your child has a new iPad but you prefer that the little one not use electronics at your house yet. Or what if your ex gives your child a gift that simply seems too extravagant or not age appropriate?

Divorcing? How to answer children's questions honestly

As you go through a divorce, you no doubt have many questions. Your children, too, are likely to be wondering many things. For example, they might want to know who they are going to live with or why the divorce is happening. Read the following tips for insight on how to handle these queries.

What does a child of divorce really need?

With the stress and paperwork of divorce, parents can sometimes get caught up in their own feelings and forget the needs of their children. A recent article in The Huffington Post presented the needs of children of divorced parents in a very interesting way: as if a child is writing his or her parents a letter detailing his or her needs.

What if your ex-spouse wants to travel abroad with your child?

The topic of child custody can be one of the most contentious. Even when parents are relatively amicable, there will likely be some disagreements. This can become even more frustrating when two parents are at odds with each other.

Children and divorce: the importance of discussing feelings

In our last post we discussed the important part that communication plays in summer activity planning after divorce. While communication might not have worked between two spouses, leading to a breakup, it still certainly plays an important role in your relationship with your child.

Parents need to communicate when planning summer activities

As summer creeps up, this week we are concentrating on the topic of kids. Divorce can bring many challenges when it comes to parenting that can be hard to anticipate. If a Florida resident is newly divorced with young children, they might not have thought about how they will spend their first summer break. The long break is usually the time parents schedule summer camps or trips to see relatives. When divorce is brought into the mix, these plans can often get very complicated.

More states consider equal custody laws

Although a shared parenting bill was vetoed last year in Florida by Gov. Rick Scott, there is no doubt that times are changing when it comes to child custody. Many states are looking at the benefits of custody arrangements that move parents closer to a 50-50 time split.

Social media and divorce: a mix to avoid

In a lot of ways, social media has had a positive effect on the lives of Florida residents. It can help people reunite with long-lost friends and relatives. It can even help people find a job by connecting with potential employers. But all things have their pros and cons and it seems social media can bring with it a negative impact on marriage and divorce.

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