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Posts tagged "Prenuptial agreement"

A prenuptial agreement may be disputed

Preparations for a wedding can start as early as one or two years before the actual ceremony date. There are endless things to consider such as who to invite, where to have the reception and what colors to incorporate. While these decisions may take center stage before a marriage, for some Florida couples, a prenuptial agreement may be just as important.

Spitzer divorce shows benefits of prenuptial agreement

The initial perception that some people have of prenuptial agreements is negative. Those people may have the idea that a prenuptial agreement sets you up for failure. While it's understandable why some people may feel that way, the true benefits of a prenup can be seen in real-life examples.

Is student debt divided in divorce?

Spring is here and with it comes graduation season. For some Florida college students, this will be the year they finally receive their degree. With a degree comes the hope of one day having a successful career, but undoubtedly, for many students, a degree also comes with massive debt.

The benefits of infidelity clauses in prenuptial agreements

Some of our readers likely know at least a little bit about prenuptial agreements, whether it is from a close friend's experience or from hearing stories related to prenups of the rich and famous. Usually, these agreements are used to make clear what will be separate and marital property in case of divorce. Other topics covered in prenuptial agreements include alimony and inheritance or estate planning issues.

Prenuptial agreement: a game of give and take

There are many reasons that someone would want to get a prenuptial agreement before marriage, ranging from wanting to protect their property assets to wanting to make sure there are consequences for adultery. Another important reason to consider is the protection of a family business.

Stay-at-home parents should consider getting a postnup

In our last post, we covered the topic of prenuptial agreements. This time around, let’s shed some light on postnuptial agreements. Just because you missed the boat on getting a prenup, doesn’t mean you are out of luck. Our lives and marriages are ever-evolving and those changes may warrant the need for a postnuptial agreement.

What to consider before discussing a prenuptial agreement

We recently discussed the various common mistakes that can be associated with putting together a prenuptial agreement. Before couples get to the point of having to deal with such problems, they have to actually make the big decision of whether or not to get a prenup. When the time comes to bring up the topic with your partner, it's important to consider a few things.

Common mistakes made with prenuptial agreements

Couples often put together prenuptial agreements with terms and conditions in the event that a divorce takes place.  These agreements can help protect estates and make certain specific assets remain inside of the family.  However, prenuptial agreements cannot be used to resolve issues concerning child support or time-sharing arrangements.  Also, mistakes can be made when drafting such documents.

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