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Posts tagged "Divore Mediation"

What is an evaluative mediator?

Most Florida couples can see the advantages of mediating their divorces. In the best of circumstances, your mediation will be faster, cheaper, less stressful and less complicated than litigating your divorce in a Florida family law court. However, once the decision to mediate your divorce has been made, you'll need to decide what kind of mediation to use.

Custody battles could forever change with co-parenting bills

Lawmakers in more than 20 states across the country will consider bills this year that would either make it legally required to share parenting after divorce or encourage this parenting option. These bills, if passed into law, would require parents to co-parent even if they disagreed with the situation.

What are some common myths about divorce?

When you hear the word divorce, you likely start to think about a host whole of things you've heard throughout your life. Many of these notions are false. Some are true. Even those who have been through divorce can wind up making false claims about the process and what it's like. So, what are some common myths about divorce?

How to handle an uncontested divorce in Florida

As you prepare for divorce in Fort Lauderdale, it's important to know and understand all of your options. Many couples will find themselves sitting before a judge in no time because they simply cannot solve their problems -- even in mediation. Here's how you can reach an uncontested divorce.

Consider divorcing your home in a divorce

Getting a divorce is an incredibly difficult process, even for couples that have not been in sync for quite some time. The prospects of divorce can become even more difficult when you are more attached to the family home than to your spouse. Once divorce has been decided on, you will then need to figure out who stays in the house or if it will be sold.

What are signs that divorce could be in your future?

Making sure a marriage is happy, healthy and loving can be more difficult for some couples than others. This doesn't mean that you've failed at being married. It just could be a sign that the marriage was not meant for you or your spouse at the time. So, what are some common signs that divorce could be in your future?

Plan for your divorce mediation proceedings

We recently discussed the differences between litigation and mediation. If you recall, mediation is a process that is often faster and less costly. The sacrifice that you have to make when you do this is that you will have to work with your ex to come up with the terms of the divorce.

Differences between meditation and litigation in divorce

Couples headed for divorce in Fort Lauderdale should know the options they have for coming to an agreement on their terms. There are two main routes a couple can take when it comes to getting divorced; litigation and mediation. Both processes should involve the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney in order to ensure fairness for both parties.

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