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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Addressing a parent's alcoholism in collaborative divorce

Ending a marriage via a collaborative divorce has many advantages. Besides saving time and money, it gives both spouses greater control over the process. It also helps them maintain an amicable relationship and practice working together -- two things that are essential if they have children whom they will be co-parenting.

Why parenting plans change

One great thing about setting up a parenting plan with your co-parent is the predictability it brings. For example, there should rarely be a question about who pays what and when one parent has the child(ren). This stability is a huge stress reliever for children and parents alike. That said, life circumstances change. Little by little, your life may have transformed so much that seven years later, it is a poor match for the official parenting plan.

What happens to your pets when you divorce?

You may think of Fluffy and Sunshine as members of your family. Maybe they are even like your own children. However, Florida law decrees that pets are considered personal property, although a law change in Alaska that determines custody of pets based on their well-being may soon spread to other states.

Why alimony is a tricky issue in Florida

Of all the issues that arise during a divorce in Florida, alimony can be the most complicated. For one thing, judges do not have clear guidelines to follow. The net effect is that three judges can hear the exact same case and hand down wildly varying results. If you are a woman or man seeking alimony, it can be disheartening to have no idea what result to expect.

How to handle gifts that your ex gave your child

The holidays are approaching, so now is a fitting time to discuss what to do when gifts from your ex to your child lead to conflicts. For example, it is a sticky situation if your child has a new iPad but you prefer that the little one not use electronics at your house yet. Or what if your ex gives your child a gift that simply seems too extravagant or not age appropriate?

Divorcing? How to answer children's questions honestly

As you go through a divorce, you no doubt have many questions. Your children, too, are likely to be wondering many things. For example, they might want to know who they are going to live with or why the divorce is happening. Read the following tips for insight on how to handle these queries.

Taking care of yourself during the divorce

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved. Deciding how time is shared with the children and how personal and/or business assets are divided can certainly add a high level of stress to the pressures of daily life. However, you can face a marital dissolution with dignity by making a smoother transition that is healthiest for everyone. Taking care of yourself in the process is just one way to accomplish that.

How can I keep costs down during divorce? (PART 2)

In this post we continue our discussion of keeping costs down when going through divorce. A big part of that equation is to keep emotions under control when navigating child custody issues. For example, fighting over very small issues, such as specific pickup times, can make the divorce fees rack up very quickly. The same goes for not being flexible. If spouses fight over the smallest things, such as minimal payments for children, they will end up spending more money in legal fees than they would have on the actual issue that they are fighting over.

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