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How to handle the emotions of divorce

The most devastating words your spouse can say in a marriage are, "I want a divorce." The words are so final. It means that the marriage is over and there's no turning back. Maybe you are resigned to the fact that the marriage has to come to an end. Maybe you would rather fight for the marriage as much as possible. Whatever your situation, divorce can be difficult to think about and discuss. Here's how you can handle the emotions associated with divorce.

New family laws in effect in Florida

A couple of new family laws went into effect on January 1 in the state of Florida. The laws cover both shared parenting time and divorce in the state, according to a news report. These laws went into effect when the clock hit 12:01 a.m., on January 1. We will take a look at these new laws in today's post so you are informed should you ever face a situation like divorce or shared parenting in Fort Lauderdale.

Using collaborative law in dividing property

Finding out that your spouse wants to get divorced is never easy to hear. This can be on the most difficult things you will go through during your lifetime. The minute you are told that divorce is imminent you should begin preparing by finding a divorce attorney who can help you divide property using collaborative law in Fort Lauderdale.

How do we make divorce as smooth as we can?

Going through a divorce can be a traumatic experience for anyone. It can be very difficult to endure a divorce when there are children from the marriage that is now coming to an end. Finding different ways to successfully navigate a divorce is important. That's why collaborative law has become so popular in Florida. So, what can you do to make divorce as smooth as possible?

Using collaborative law in child custody cases

Collaborative law is a hot topic in the Sunshine State as new laws took effect recently that make it a viable option for handling a host of family law matters. Couples working through child custody cases now have an important method to use when trying to create an agreement.

Using collaborative law in child support cases

Child support cases are never one in the same. Each one is different from top to bottom, so it's never a good idea to listen to what your friends or family went through as you prepare for your own. There will likely be few similarities between the cases. Here's how you can use collaborative law in your child support case in Fort Lauderdale.

Divorced couple still fighting over division of assets

A divorced couple from Florida continues to fight over the division of their assets, according to a ruling from earlier this month by the Fourth District Court of Appeals. The former wife filed the appeal with the court when a lower court failed to award her with permanent alimony, dismissed a request for the payment of attorney's fees, did not properly categorize stocks named as assets and much more.

New Florida collaborative divorce law goes into effect July 1

A brand new, groundbreaking, collaborative divorce law in the state of Florida goes into effect beginning July 1. The new law, called the Collaborative Law Process Act. It creates an alternative to litigation for the divorce process in the state of Florida, known as collaborative law or the collaborative process.

Collaborative law could be an excellent match for your divorce

At the Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel, PA, when a client with a large marital estate comes to us, we immediately start to brainstorm ways we can help our client save money, time and stress the divorce proceedings. The larger the marital estate, the more complicated and time-consuming the asset division process can be, and the more opportunities there will be for spousal disagreements to spin out of control.

How to resolve family conflict

Family conflicts can be devastating if left to fester. When family members cannot work out their differences, issues can boil to the surface and lead to massive fights. Many family conflicts occur after the death of a parent, a divorce or other life changing event. Here are some tips for resolving family conflict in Florida.

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