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How to handle gifts that your ex gave your child

The holidays are approaching, so now is a fitting time to discuss what to do when gifts from your ex to your child lead to conflicts. For example, it is a sticky situation if your child has a new iPad but you prefer that the little one not use electronics at your house yet. Or what if your ex gives your child a gift that simply seems too extravagant or not age appropriate?

Divorcing? How to answer children's questions honestly

As you go through a divorce, you no doubt have many questions. Your children, too, are likely to be wondering many things. For example, they might want to know who they are going to live with or why the divorce is happening. Read the following tips for insight on how to handle these queries.

Florida State University creates new online co-parenting program

Many parents tread lightly when it comes to the topic of divorce for fear of how it will affect the children. That action alone shows that parents have some understanding of what it means to put the needs of your children first during and after a divorce. But even parents with the best intentions might not have every tool they need in their parenting toolbox in order to be the best parent they can be during the divorce and after it is finalized.

Woman explains how parents’ divorce was a blessing

Many people stay together for their children. While this choice is commendable, we all know couples that would likely bring more benefit to their children if they were divorced than if they lived together. Growing up in a situation where parents are constantly fighting or ignoring each other can actually have a negative effect on a child’s life.

Finding legal help regarding child custody of special needs children

Florida parents who divorce typically face a number of challenges as their families strive to adapt to new lifestyles. When a situation involves children with special needs, the legal challenges particular to child custody issues and other matters may seem daunting. Those facing such issues may find experienced legal advice key to achieving a positive outcome.

Florida grandmother fighting for child custody

It is difficult to imagine the grief experienced by those who suffer the untimely death of a loved one. The sorrow of such a tragedy is intensified when a young child loses a parent. In the aftermath of such incidents, some families face tremendous legal challenges involving child custody. Such is the case for a Florida grandmother who is currently fighting to gain custody of her granddaughter after her own daughter's tragic death.

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