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Property Division Archives

Will divorce cost you your inheritance?

As you move toward a divorce, you know that you and your spouse need to split up your assets. That's fine with you for much of what you own, as you bought it jointly anyway -- your home, your car, etc. You also both make roughly the same amount of money, so splitting up earnings and savings seems fair.

What factors do judges consider in property division cases?

As you may be aware, Florida follows an equitable distribution model when splitting up assets between two spouses when they divorce. This doesn't mean that any property that you share will be split down the middle though. Your Fort Lauderdale judge will consider various factors when determining how to split up you and your ex's assets among you.

The family home after divorce: An albatross or haven?

When you go through a divorce, it is a very emotional time. Just when you need to be making the most rational decisions as possible, your emotions are going haywire. Simply getting through each day is a challenge, but now is when you are tasked with determining who will get what assets in your property settlement.

What factors are considered in equitable property distribution?

Florida law, like that in the majority of states, provides for the "equitable distribution" of marital assets and debts -- those incurred during the marriage, either by one or both spouses -- in divorce. Unlike states that recognize marital assets as "community property" that is divided in half, "equitable" doesn't necessarily mean "equal."

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