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Florida Governor Rick Scott Vetoes Bills to End Lifetime or Permanent Alimony

From Fort Lauderdale to Boca Raton and across Florida, family law attorneys and divorce lawyers watched with keen interest this week as the Florida Legislature passed sweeping changes to the state's long-standing laws affecting lifetime or permanent alimony. All the bills needed were Florida Gov. Rick Scott's signature. Gov. Scott vetoed this week the highly controversial alimony reform bill that would have resulted in dramatic changes to long-established family law statutes and practices.

As of the writing of this blog, a move apparently was afoot to change the bill's language and attach it to other legislation before the Legislative session ends May 3. That result remains to be seen.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Lawyer: Attorneys Watch as Lifetime Alimony, Permanent Alimony and Some Timesharing Practices Near the History Books

Lifetime alimony, or permanent alimony, as it's commonly referred to, may be referred to "history" before the month is through. Aggressive lobbying and legislative efforts have several bills wending their way through the Florida Legislature that would end the viability of permanent alimony in Florida.

While many argue for and against lifetime alimony, or the practice of a primary breadwinner providing alimony for life following a divorce, some parts of the law leave reason for concern.

Florida Legislature Advances Bill to Ban 'Permanent' Alimony

Ending what some called an "outdated" system with possible laws that would give judges more flexibility in allocating the amount and duration of alimony, both the Florida House and Senate have advanced measures to end what many have called, "permanent alimony."

Supporters say the change would mirror changing American culture.

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Attorney: Cheating Spouse Can Affect Alimony or Financial Settlements

You catch your spouse in an affair. The marriage is irreconcilably broken. Divorce is imminent. But can infidelity or the presence of an affair lead to more alimony or a larger financial award when the case is settled? That depends. The short answer is, No.

Pro Se Divorce Debate: Hire a South Florida Family Law Attorney - or Risk the Perils of Do-It-Yourself Representation

When facing divorce, couples have options. They can hire an experienced family law attorney who will protect his or her client's best interests; or the sides can download fill-in-the-blank documents and handle their divorce case pro se, or "for one's own behalf." In this do-it-yourself strategy, the individuals advocate for themselves or on their own behalf before a court, instead of hiring a lawyer.

With the possible exception of uncontested divorces with no assets or children, pro se representation is a risky proposition - no matter how much the sides believe they may save in the process. In fact, pro se representation can open both sides to permanent risk and significant financial loss.

Leading South Florida Divorce Firm Adds Listings of Family Law Practice Areas

For Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miami and other South Florida residents hoping to learn more about family law and specific divorce practice areas, The Law Offices of Barry I. Finkel P.A., recently updated its website to provide just that.

The Services page on the firm's site now offers in-depth explanations of various common practice areas. These include Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, Complex litigation, Timesharing / custody, Child support, Paternity actions, Alimony, Marital estate valuation, Equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, and Appeals.

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