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High Asset Divorce Archives

How do bonuses and other benefits impact a Florida divorce?

Divorce is emotional, to be certain. But once divorced couples are able to get through the heart-wrenching moments, they must confront the financial aspects. And for Florida residents whose paychecks are tied to something other than base pay, divorce could prove even more challenging.

Don't get stiffed on assets in a gray divorce

If you're a baby boomer, it might seem like everyone you know has divorced or is in the midst of a split. Research conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2017 indicated that in the quarter century from 1990 to 2015, the divorce rate among couples over 50 jumped up 109%.

Ask your attorney how to make up for loss of 'alimony deduction'

Before U.S. tax-law changes took effect this year, the person who paid spousal support got to take advantage of the "alimony deduction." The payor of the alimony could deduct the amount paid, and the recipient had to claim it as taxable income.

Some employers are creating policies to aid divorcing executives

You are going through a divorce in Florida, and you know you need a team. This likely includes your friends and family as well as perhaps a therapist and/or support group. Your attorney is also a crucial member of your team. Have you thought to ask at your workplace about services that are available to you?

Is it easier to choose divorce when you're wealthy?

Despite how often people say that "money can't buy happiness," they often act surprised when wealthy individuals still have troubles in their personal lives. For instance, you often see celebrities and other rich couples head to divorce court, and people wonder how it could have happened when they didn't have any financial stress and really had everything -- materialistically speaking -- that they wanted.

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