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5 considerations for a child custody schedule

One of the best things about divorce mediation is that the court does not tell you what your custody schedule will be. Yes, they still have to approve it, but you and your ex get to work together to create the best schedule for your family. You retain that control over your and your children's lives.

2 key elements of an uncontested divorce

In many ways, an uncontested divorce is easier for you and your family. You can move smoothly through the process of dissolving your marriage. Rather than "fighting it out" in court, you may just end up using mediation to decide on an agreement that you both support.

How does your schedule fit with child custody?

One of the big benefits of divorce mediation is that you get to sit down and work with your spouse to find a solution that will fit both of your lives. With a contested divorce, the court may simply make a ruling that you have to abide by. Mediation keeps the power on your side and gives you a chance to design a solution that works with your life.

With divorce mediation, communication is key

The divorce mediation process gives you and your ex a chance to really work together. This allows you to come to a fair agreement with as little conflict as possible. It allows you to put your children first. It gives you a chance to avoid a lengthy and contentious divorce.

What exactly does a Florida divorce mediator do?

If you and your spouse recently decided to file for divorce, then your ability to communicate with one another may be at the lowest point that it's been in a long time. You two may want to expedite the process, but you may be slowed down by disagreements over child custody or support, alimony and property distribution. If you've tried to talk things through between yourselves and it's not working, then you may want to retain a Fort Lauderdale divorce mediation attorney.

Don't sabotage communication trying to make it easier

During your divorce, if you go the mediation route and try to reduce conflict, odds are you will need to have some tough conversations. They may just be about your desire to get divorced in the first place. They could be about how to split up parenting time with your children. Divorce requires these types of conversations as you work things out, no matter how hard they may be.

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