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How can you get on the same parenting page with your ex?

There are a variety of concerns that may lead a couple back to the negotiation table or the courtroom when they're going through a divorce or even after they've settled one. Differences in parenting styles are one of the many factors that cause former spouses to seek out modifications of court orders. If you and your ex are struggling with seeing eye-to-eye about how to parent your kids, then there are some things that you may want to try before filing any motions with the court.

If there's any way for you two to have a civil conversation with one another, then you should do that. The two of you must acknowledge that you're both on two separate pages about how you want to raise your child. You should try to find some common ground rules that both of you can agree on and enforce those with your child.

Setting common rules that both of you will enforce isn't enough though. You two must be consistent in terms of the punishments that you impose when your child violates those rules as well. It's important you and your ex agree to back each other up in enforcing any rules. Your child will benefit from both of their parents handing any problems the same way at both of your homes.

You and your ex must be flexible with your rules. This will keep them from having undue stress added to their already heavy shoulders. You should also give your child a second chance to make things right. This is especially the case early on as they're becoming accustomed to any new rules.

The worst thing that you and your ex can do is to show your child that you two aren't on the same page with one another. You and your ex should find some time when your kids aren't around to discuss any disagreements that you may have. Having such conversations away from your kids will save your child undue stress and allow you and their other parent an opportunity to put out a cohesive image.

Divorce has a way of disrupting children's' lives. This can adversely impact their behavior which can cause problems at school and at home. An attorney can help you and your Fort Lauderdale ex work though your differences so that you can more effectively co-parent your Florida kids.

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