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What's so great about a collaborative divorce?

The collaborative law field has grown in popularity in Fort Lauderdale and other parts of Florida in recent years. One of the reasons that it's become so popular here is because it's an interdisciplinary approach to resolving conflict and settling a divorce. This multipronged approach to conflict resolution tends to help divorcing couples reach agreements that they're more comfortable with than what they can achieve by litigating their divorces.

Lawyers often wear many hats in jurisdictions where collaborative law isn't the norm. Attorneys in these areas often serve the role of advisor on a variety of matters including finances and child custody when guiding their clients in making certain choices. This isn't what happens in those states where collaborative law is the norm though.

Attorneys in collaborative law states work more as organizers helping their clients find accountants and financial planners to provide sound guidance on money matters. Family lawyers in collaborative law states like Florida also help connect their clients with parenting coordinators or therapists that can help parents hone in on their children's needs and what may be the best visitation schedule or custody arrangement in their unique situation.

Your attorney's goal in connecting you with these different professionals is to make sure that you get the best advice as to the pros and cons of making certain decisions. This gives you and your lawyer a qualified opinion to base your divorce demands and settlement negotiations on.

Resolving often-contentious matters like property division, alimony and child custody or support matters isn't easy for most divorcing couples to do on their own. One of the great things about collaborative divorce is that it allows you to discuss your current situation with someone that understands it. It's helpful that they can explain the implications of making certain choices versus others as well.

A collaborative law attorney can explain why this popular approach to resolving differences may be the ideal solution for handling your Fort Lauderdale family's complex problems.

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