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How many people are unhappy and married?

Do you ever feel unhappy with your marriage? Do you wish you were single or that you hadn't gotten married in the first place?

If you do feel like this from time to time, you are not alone. Different experts have put different numbers on it, but they all tend to agree that a large number of couples are unhappily married. For instance:

  • One writer claimed that a mere 17% of married couples were actually happy with the person they married.
  • Another journalist said that about 60% of people who are married are also unhappy in those marriages.
  • That same journalist said that about 40% of married individuals had thought about divorce and seriously considered it.
  • A survey looked at the long-term trends and determined that married couples tend to be less happy with each other, year after year.

So, what do you do? Maybe you're unhappy, your spouse is unhappy, and you know something needs to change. However, you don't want a long, complicated court case. It sounds like too much stress.

One potential option is divorce mediation. It's often best for couples who can still get along and work together -- who are still on relatively good terms despite being unhappy in their marriage. If both you and your spouse agree that it's time to end the relationship, this could be the right option for you, allowing you to end it smoothly and easily.

No matter what, just make sure that you know all of the rights that you have and what steps you can take to protect those rights during a divorce.

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