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How long can you expect divorce mediation to last?

With so many benefits of divorce mediation, you should give this your full and undivided attention before taking your case to the court room. This approach provides more control over the process, which allows you and your soon-to-be ex to negotiate and compromise on your way to reaching a divorce settlement.

You're sure to have many questions about divorce mediation, with how long it takes at the top of your list. While this varies from one situation to the next, here is how the process typically unfolds:

  • First meeting: This is when both individuals and the mediator sit down to identify the issues, such as those associated with property division, child custody and child support. This is your time to share anything and everything that you want to discuss in mediation, so don't be shy about speaking your mind.
  • Future meetings: With the foundation in place, future meetings are designed to move the process forward. While the mediator can help with this, it's up to the divorcing couple to negotiate and compromise.
  • The final agreement: If you're successful in reaching terms on all issues, your mediator can draft a final agreement for you and your legal team to review. If it checks out, it will be sent to a family law judge for final approval.

So, how long does this take?

It's possible you could work out all your issues in one meeting, thus quickly bringing your divorce to a close. But it's also possible that it will take three or more sessions to make any real progress.

With each session typically lasting two to three hours, you'll know what to expect as they approach.

It's not out of the question for a more complex divorce to take six or more months to settle in mediation.

As you prepare for divorce mediation, don't focus so much of your attention on how long it takes that you overlook the process itself. Every decision you make should position you to reach an agreement that will work for you now and in the future.

With knowledge of the process and your legal rights, you're in better position to make confident decisions every step of the way.

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