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November 2019 Archives

How does your schedule fit with child custody?

One of the big benefits of divorce mediation is that you get to sit down and work with your spouse to find a solution that will fit both of your lives. With a contested divorce, the court may simply make a ruling that you have to abide by. Mediation keeps the power on your side and gives you a chance to design a solution that works with your life.

Business owners must approach divorce with extra caution

When a couple decides it is time to file for divorce, the process can seem daunting — particularly for those who have complicated assets. While the law makes it relatively simple to get married, getting divorced is a much more complex process. Courts require spouses to divide their assets and liabilities equitably in order to settle a divorce, and this process is often where conflicts emerge.

With divorce mediation, communication is key

The divorce mediation process gives you and your ex a chance to really work together. This allows you to come to a fair agreement with as little conflict as possible. It allows you to put your children first. It gives you a chance to avoid a lengthy and contentious divorce.

What factors do judges consider in property division cases?

As you may be aware, Florida follows an equitable distribution model when splitting up assets between two spouses when they divorce. This doesn't mean that any property that you share will be split down the middle though. Your Fort Lauderdale judge will consider various factors when determining how to split up you and your ex's assets among you.

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