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What exactly does a Florida divorce mediator do?

If you and your spouse recently decided to file for divorce, then your ability to communicate with one another may be at the lowest point that it's been in a long time. You two may want to expedite the process, but you may be slowed down by disagreements over child custody or support, alimony and property distribution. If you've tried to talk things through between yourselves and it's not working, then you may want to retain a Fort Lauderdale divorce mediation attorney.

A mediator is a specially trained therapist, attorney or retired judge whose sole focus is to aid you and your ex in resolving your divorce.

Mediators serve almost like referees to make sure that you and your ex are given ample opportunities to voice your concerns without being interrupted. They also listen intently to what's being said. Divorce mediators encourage parties to reiterate their points and clarify what they've previously said if it seems like one party didn't understand.

Divorce mediators can help spouses understand how the legal system works. They may also provide husbands and wives with information about how the court handles certain issues during the divorce process.

Mediators are keen on helping couples who think that they have no potential for resolving their differences to do just that. They often challenge spouses by asking them to come up with alternative solutions that may help them resolve their cases.

If necessary, a divorce mediator will suggest introducing a third party such as an accountant, parental coordinator or other professional into the mix to help couples better understand which choices may be best for them to make.

Divorce mediation has increased in popularity here in Florida and across the United States during the past few years. Many divorcing spouses have pursued this option as a way of having more control over what happens in their cases instead of having a judge decide that for them. If you and your ex are struggling to resolve your differences, then a divorce mediation attorney may just be what you need to get your case settled.

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