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Collaborative law can take the bite out of divorce

Marriage is often treated as a life's moment of greatest joy. New spouses dress up in their finest, spend lavish amounts on entertainment and invite family from around the world to attend their nuptials. So, it is quite understandable that the end of a marriage can carry the same emotional weight. It is just not so positive.

Divorce, however, does not have to be a destructive and hateful process that tears two people apart. For one thing, some affection must have bound the pair together before. For another thing, life may be far more complicated now, possibly involving real estate and children. These details deserve better than to be simply thrown aside with the marriage.

Collaborative law is an alternative to the corrosive court appearances with fighting over assets and child custody. This brings in more than legal knowledge, although it is certainly one of the factors. Psychologists, accountants and other professionals, called "neutrals" in this process, can help people identify their needs and communicate them.

Trained mediators may work with clients to have their needs heard and negotiated in an open setting. If the collaborative law process fails to reach an agreement that both parties can enjoy, then the conventional court process always remains an option for Florida divorces.

People considering the end of a marriage should consult legal counsel on the best way to plan things and approach a spouse with their concerns. An attorney also adds valuable advice to the process, in which many people can feel alone. That is never necessary, as lawyers are there to help.

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