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What do divorce mediators do when couples reach impasses?

Many Florida couples are happy to learn that there's an alternative option for resolving a divorce aside from duking it out in a courtroom. When they learn about mediation, it often intrigues them. Many of them wonder if they'll be able to successfully reach a compromise with a spouse that they're on the outs with. Most mediators have a variety of techniques that they can employ should impasses arise though.

One of the many different techniques that mediators use when neither spouse seems to be willing to compromise is to ask each of them to reverse their roles. Often divorcing husbands and wives see things differently than they originally did when they put themselves in the other person's shoes and understand things from their perspective.

Mediators may even suggest that a divorcing couple implement one plan for a while to see how it works for them. They do this in hopes that a husband or wife will see that it's not as bad as they thought it would be. If everything goes well, then whatever matter that was holding up the divorce settlement negotiations may no longer be an issue anymore.

If spouses are having trouble reaching a compromise, then mediators often ask them to come up with alternate plans or ideas about what should be done. While the original plan may not be agreeable to both parties, a secondary or tertiary one may.

Mediators will often ask divorcing spouses what they're willing to give up in exchange for having their husband or wife accept their proposal. This tends to produce positive results for couples that can't reach an agreement that will work for both of them.

Another way that mediators can help divorcing couples move past impasses is by encouraging them. They often remind their clients that it's not necessary to fight over smaller issues. They often encourage them to prioritize what matters the most to them and then advocate for those causes instead.

Mediation is a popular approach to addressing disputes. It has grown in popularity in recent years here in Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Florida. A divorce mediation attorney can explain how this approach can aid divorcing couples in resolving pressing matters more quickly and cost-efficiently than they can by pursuing litigation.

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