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Some employers are creating policies to aid divorcing executives

You are going through a divorce in Florida, and you know you need a team. This likely includes your friends and family as well as perhaps a therapist and/or support group. Your attorney is also a crucial member of your team. Have you thought to ask at your workplace about services that are available to you?

Companies are beginning to put together support services for senior leaders and executives, in particular, that can assist them during a divorce. They consider it to be a good business -- helping key employees navigate the choppy divorce waters can help prevent them from being distracted on the job and keep them focused on their tasks, their clients and their employees.

How are some employers helping divorcing employees wiith their divorce? Following are a few examples:

  1. Involving the human resources department. Many HR staffs are prepared with information that can walk an employee through matters concerning health insurance and beneficiary designations for life insurance and retirement accounts. They also might recommend a divorce "concierge," which is a service that can help someone who is divorcing.
  2. Creating policies that involve confidentiality and the release of documents. Company records could be the subject of a subpoena in a divorce, and it's important to know which documents can be shared and who is the point person who will handle information requests. The person who is going through a divorce should be given that information.
  3. Communicating how a company executive can use support staff, such as a personal assistant, in their divorce. An executive might ask their assistant to take care of required tasks, such as making copies of needed documents. That not only could reduce the assistant's efficiency for the company, but getting deeply involved in a supervisor's personal issue could make the employee uncomfortable. Setting a clear policy is important.

Divorce is never easy, but with the right team on your side, including your attorney and your employer, it can be less difficult.

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