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2 key considerations for high-asset divorce

Divorce in Fort Lauderdale is never easy to go through, yet many high-value couples do not realize just how much is at stake besides finances and assets. They may have more money and access to resources to help them secure the outcome they want, yet it is not uncommon for them to drop the ball because they want to engage in a full-on war with their partners over unresolved marital issues. 

Not putting looking past marital concerns and negative feelings can make the separation process for wealthy couples more challenging and tedious to resolve because there exist more unique challenges than the average divorce. To better prepare for a high-asset divorce, careful consideration of the following issues is necessary. 

Haste could have bad consequences 

Most people want to minimize the length of time it takes for them to get past unpleasant circumstances. Divorce is one situation where caution and careful consideration of every detail and concern are necessary. Rushing through the process to avoid the negative emotional aspects and the soon-to-be ex-spouse could lead to critical mistakes like agreeing to a less-than-fair or deserved amount for child support, spousal support or share of marital assets, as well as unfavorable child custody and parenting arrangements. Though it is possible to revisit some of those concerns after the divorce is final, post-divorce-judgment modifications are not freely given and are dependent on the circumstances. It is far easier and more favorable to do what is necessary to ensure a good outcome the first time. 

Experts can help level the playing field 

In many high-value marriages, one spouse is the sole or higher earner, leaving the lesser-earning spouse with fewer resources to protect financial interests. It is important for all divorcees to understand the value of having expert financial guidance during a high-asset decoupling. Experts can provide factual information and guidance to help prevent one spouse from misleading or deceiving the other. They can locate hidden assets, provide accurate valuations of business and all assets and provide advice to help the lesser-earning spouse get more of what she or he deserves, wants or feels is fair out of the divorce. They can also help the higher-earning spouse protect interests and come up with alternative options for the division of assets that preserve wealth. 

No matter how much money is at stake in a high-asset divorce, honesty is always the best policy. The courts assess a variety of factors when making decisions. Any actions and statements that involve deception and dishonesty can have a negative impact that results in a more favorable outcome for the more credible party.

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