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June 2019 Archives

How will divorce affect your children?

You may no longer care for your spouse, but you no doubt worry about how splitting up will affect the welfare of your children. You have probably heard conflicting information on the impact of divorce on children. Will they turn out OK, or will they start exhibiting problematic behavior?

Collaborative divorce: The right step for some Florida couples

You're meeting with an attorney to discuss your upcoming divorce and hear a phrase that is new to you: collaborative divorce. The attorney explains it to you and says you and your soon-to-be-ex could be a candidate for this type of divorce, but you want to learn more before making up your mind.

Is it easier to choose divorce when you're wealthy?

Despite how often people say that "money can't buy happiness," they often act surprised when wealthy individuals still have troubles in their personal lives. For instance, you often see celebrities and other rich couples head to divorce court, and people wonder how it could have happened when they didn't have any financial stress and really had everything -- materialistically speaking -- that they wanted.

2 key considerations for high-asset divorce

Divorce in Fort Lauderdale is never easy to go through, yet many high-value couples do not realize just how much is at stake besides finances and assets. They may have more money and access to resources to help them secure the outcome they want, yet it is not uncommon for them to drop the ball because they want to engage in a full-on war with their partners over unresolved marital issues. 

What percentage of assets should stay-at-home spouses receive?

According to Forbes, about 25% of women are stay-at-home mothers. Among them are 10% of all American mothers who are considered to be "highly educated," meaning they have master's degrees or higher. As far as men go, approximately 7% are stay-at-home dads.

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