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Why is divorce mediation so popular?

"Divorce mediation" is a relatively new term to a lot of people -- especially if you still picture divorce the old-fashioned way, with two parties bickering in court over the disposition of everything from the house to the cookware. But divorce mediation isn't new -- and it's definitely not a fad. It is, however, becoming one of the hottest trends among divorcing couples.

Why is mediation so popular these days? Because divorce mediation, unlike divorce litigation, has the following benefits:

1. It gives you more control over your future.

When you go through a litigated divorce, you don't get much say in your future. You can tell the court what you would like to see happen, but the court will make the ultimate decision about what actually happens. More than likely, there will be a cookie-cutter type of decision that follows state rules designed to settle issues between warring spouses.

Mediation lets you and your spouse make an agreement that suits your needs.

2. It produces better results.

If you go back and read over the first point, you can probably easily understand why the compliance rate with the terms of mediated divorces tends to be higher than the compliance rate of a litigated divorce.

People generally prefer to have as much of a say in their own futures as possible. Therefore, they rebel less against agreements they helped make as opposed to those handed down to them from the court.

3. It's a more pleasant process.

Whether you have children or not, mediation can make the entire divorce process less stressful and traumatic. If you have children, that's invaluable because you'll keep them from being caught in the middle of any tug-of-war with your spouse and avoid exposing them to a scary court process. If you don't have children, you get to reap all the benefits of moving on with your life gracefully and easily.

If you're interested in a mediated divorce, learn more about the process today.

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