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Money, values and divorce

When people say that money leads to divorce, do you assume that what they actually mean is that a lack of money leads to divorce? Do people just split up because they can't make ends meet and it stresses them out?

That does happen, but do not assume that your marriage will stay rock solid just because you never struggle to pay the bills. Money also leads to plenty of divorces for those who are very well off.

One reason that it does so is that two people may have highly different values and priorities when it comes to money. The cliche example is one spouse who saves and the other who spends. They both infuriate each other. They don't see what the problem is with their own approach. Eventually, it feels like the other person is causing them financial harm, and they end the marriage.

But even slight differences in how you want to spend money play a role. Perhaps your spouse is very practical and wants to save everything for your child's education. While you understand the value of education, you also understand that learning happens outside of the classroom, and you want to use the money to travel or give your child music lessons.

There's no right or wrong here, but you both see money differently. Over time, these types of conflicts can be enough to end your wedded bliss.

If that happens, make sure you know what legal steps to take. In high asset divorce cases, with so much on the line, it pays to know what options you have.


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