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Divorce mediation helps couples resolve many issues

Many Florida couples approaching the end of marriage tend to view divorce mediation as a fad or a trend. They may not understand the many benefits this way of ending a marriage offers. Quick examples of these benefits include less conflict for parents and kids, affordable costs and a faster overall resolution.

Those that have heard about divorce mediation may believe that it is only an option for childless couples or couples with no real assets. We want you to know that this is a fallacy. Mediation can work especially well when a couple has children and for high-asset marriages in which the two spouses are willing to cooperate. Mediation does not simply end a marital relationship; it aids couples in resolving sensitive issues that arise when divorcing.

Child custody

Couples often have difficulty agreeing on custody and parenting plans. Mediation empowers parents to address these issues in a comfortable environment and work collaboratively to reach a beneficial agreement.

Child support

This is another divorce element that can lead to stress and conflict for all involved parties. Mediation gives both parents a platform upon which to lay out their concerns, often leading to an agreeable resolution.

Property division

Typically, each spouse wants fair treatment when the marital property comes under scrutiny. Divorce mediation empowers each party to address these concerns in a fair and balanced manner.

Unfortunately, all couples are not good candidates for divorce mediation. In toxic relationships, for example, mediation may fail or give an unfair advantage to an overly controlling spouse. We urge you to talk about divorce mediation with an attorney before making your decision. To learn more about the process, please continue exploring our website.

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