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For couples of extreme wealth, divorce brings unwanted attention

No matter what income bracket you're in, divorce is never easy, even when you vow to do it amicably.

It's especially difficult for Florida couples of extreme wealth, such as those who own highly successful businesses or sports stars. Couples that can be classified as millionaires likely are prominent and recognizable in their communities, and divorce puts an unwelcome spotlight on them.

There are some steps a couple can take to make the process easier.

  1. Control the message of your divorce so that your employees aren't spreading gossip or that neighbors don't post rumors anonymously on social media. Spread the word in an appropriate manner, with both of you signing the message.
  2. Maintain as much normalcy as possible in your business life or as parents. Go to business board meetings together, as always, to keep your company stable. If you can attend your child's school play together on friendly terms, there won't be much for the public to talk about it. That makes it easier on you.
  3. Put together a team of professionals to help you through the negotiations. That will include a family law attorney who has worked with couples with a high-net worth, along with a certified divorce financial analyst, an expert in determining the value of a business, a certified public accountant and perhaps even a therapist to work with you or your children. Let them work on your behalf.
  4. Keep your focus on your business. Becoming distracted by your divorce can have a negative impact on your business, and you might have stockholders or partners to answer to.
  5. Be realistic when it comes to a settlement. Dedicate yourself to coming to an agreement that benefits both of you, your children and your business. Narrow your list of must-haves to what you really want out of the divorce - not what you think will hurt your ex-spouse.
  6. Adopt a good attitude. It will send a powerful message to your children and those in your company that you're as strong after the divorce as you were prior to it.

It's tough being a prominent person when going through a divorce. These tips are a good starting point to help you through the challenges you inevitably will face.

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