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Preparing for your divorce

Going through a divorce can be tough, even under the best of circumstances. Taking some preparatory steps can help the process go smoother.

Preparation can take various forms, depending on your specific circumstances. Some situations may present difficult legal questions, which it is important to discuss with your attorney.

Figuring out finances

Finances tend to number among top concerns for divorcing couples, especially when high-value or complex assets are in the picture. One major part of financial preparation is taking stock of marital and separate property. If you have not been doing so already, get access to all accounts and records. You will need this information to complete the mandatory disclosures Florida courts require. If you plan to engage in mediation or other types of collaborative law, having detailed lists of assets can help you negotiate from an informed standpoint.

Dealing with red flags

Keeping track of finances can also help you notice signs your spouse may be concealing assets or income. Some red flags include changing account passwords without letting you know, making unexplained withdrawals and claiming decreased income without a matching decrease in spending. If you suspect this type of activity, consult your lawyer about ways to obtain proof and protect your interests. 

Planning for the future

Another important step to take is to make a budget projecting your costs and income after the divorce. If you will need to find work or obtain training, you may be able to receive spousal support to tide you over and help with the costs of necessary education.

Prioritizing the children

If you have children, the divorce can have a significant psychological effect on them. Working on respectful and productive communication with your soon-to-be ex can decrease the tension and negativity many divorcing households suffer from. The changes in routine a divorce often entails can also present challenges. Talking to your children and preparing them for coming changes can help them deal with the situation.

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