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Postnuptial agreements are practical when circumstances change

When you got married, you were practically kids, fresh out of college with both a mountain of student loan debt and big hopes for the future.

All you needed was love and the Florida beaches. Who needed a prenuptial agreement?

Fast forward a bunch of years. That dream of starting your business has come true. Your business is profitable, employs several people and has room for growth. Or, your investments have paid off. Or, your career took off and you now have substantial annual earnings. And you're also practical. You're still in love, but you've seen enough couples come and go that you now wish you had that prenuptial agreement in place just to make sure you have a plan should your marriage one day end.

It isn't too late. A postnuptial agreement can help you achieve that level of protection that you desire now that there's been a change in your financial circumstances since you married.

Postnuptial agreements can include a number of topics, such as property division, debt repayments, earnings and inheritances still to come. And while you are happy and there isn't animosity between the two of you, it's an ideal time to sit down and communicate about the future, finances and what-ifs.

Married couples who enter into postnuptial agreements do so to spell out what they consider "equitable" when it comes to assets, finances, child custody and support, and more. Prenuptial agreements also can be known as "lifestyle agreements" that concern things such as one spouse's spending habits.

A postnuptial agreement is a legal document. Therefore, its creation shouldn't be taken lightly. Both parties should have an attorney on their side when executing a postnuptial agreement.

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