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Key to a friendly Florida divorce could be mediation

Sometimes a marriage just doesn't work out. You still have great respect for each other. You want to work together to co-parent amicably. You are great friends, but just not great partners. Why should your divorce be a battle then?

It doesn't have to be. Divorce mediation is an option.

In mediation, spouses don't hire their own attorneys. Instead, they meet with a mediator, who is a neutral third party. Together, they will talk about what's best for their kids, their finances and their individual and collective goals.

Instead of having a judge make decisions for them, the couple makes the decisions on how they move forward. And they still can have their own family law attorney in Florida review the agreement they have come to before signing on the dotted line to make the divorce agreement official.

What are the advantages of mediation over a contested divorce? Mediation can lead to a divorce in three to five months, whereas it might take up to two years otherwise. It's less expensive. And you won't have to endure a court case with hearings, a trial, court motions or expert witnesses. Best of all, there's no squabbling.

The outcome can leave you with no hard feelings and the ability to maintain a respectful relationship all around.

Mediation might not work for everyone, especially if there is any sort of domestic violence or abuse involved. But mediation can be an ideal solution for couples who are just dedicated to moving on and starting over as painlessly as possible.

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