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High salaries don't mean a Florida couple is less likely to split

We've heard for years that money is the biggest cause of stress in a relationship, and a recent survey of more than 2,000 adults reinforces that idea. In fact, 35 percent of respondents said money was the biggest trouble point in their marriage.

And it isn't just couples on the lower end of the pay scale who find finances disruptive to their relationship. High-earners have problems, too.

People with big salaries often have big expenses, and continuing to make enough money to keep up with their lifestyles can cause stress. People who earn $1 million or more a year still might need credit cards to help them make ends meet, and they might not have contributed to retirement funds or savings accounts.

High-income households also often have issues in income discrepancy: one spouse works and earns a big salary while the other stays home to tend to the house and children. Often, many couples still follow traditional stereotypes, such as men taking care of the money, which also can affect the balance of power in a marriage.

The big-money earner also could spend long hours at the office on travel away from home for meetings and other business purposes, keeping couples apart.

And add this to the mix: as the economy gets stronger and incomes increase, divorces pick up. That's because couples are in a better position to split their household into two and pick up the additional costs of a second place to live. By contrast, when the economy falters, couples tend to stay together because they can't afford the cost to split.

Money can't buy you love, as the old song goes. It also can't buy happiness. An attorney who works with high-asset divorces can help Florida residents come to the most agreeable settlement possible in a divorce.

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