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Is it possible to appeal a divorce decree?

Unfortunately, many of life's most important events do not work out in a way that serves everyone's best interests. Divorce is one of these life events that could resolve in a manner that seems unfair to one spouse. Taking a different approach such as divorce mediation can help both spouses reach a fair agreement. However, even this solution may not work in the best interests of one divorcing party.

Most people think that once they receive a divorce decree, there is nothing that can be done to alter the final order. In some cases, this may be true, but other times, it might be possible to make some changes. In Florida and other states, you might be eligible to appeal a divorce order. While this might sound like good news, you must understand that it can be extremely difficult to appeal a judge's decision.

In most cases, the judge would have had to make a legal error for an appeal to succeed. Another complication associated with divorce appeals is the inability to provide new evidence to the court. Further, if it is found that the judge that ruled on your divorce made no mistakes, your efforts will probably be unsuccessful.

Fortunately, it may still be possible to make some changes to your divorce settlement whether you reached the agreement through divorce mediation or if a judge decided your case. This option allows you to file a request to modify the judgment. Typically, you will need to show the court why such a modification is necessary before it will be approved.

While you can request a modification on your own, working with a divorce mediation attorney might be a better choice. A lawyer can help you prepare and present your request in a way that helps persuade the court that you truly need the requested changes.

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