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Should you involve your children in divorce mediation?

The subject of whether to involve children in divorce mediation is quite controversial, especially now that families have so many different parenting styles. As attorneys, we would never attempt to advise our blog readers on this topic, because we have not met them face-to-face. As such, we have no idea if their kids are mature and emotionally healthy enough to participate.

What we can do is offer Florida residents our perspective on this and other important family law topics. First, we urge all divorcing parents in the state to seek personalized, professional advice before bringing kids into the divorce mediation process. This means speaking in-depth with your attorney about the possibility of involving your children. After hearing your story, your lawyer will have insight into your family dynamic and your children, which will enable him or her to offer your family educated advice.

You may also want to consider asking a child therapist or counselor for guidance as well. An expert in the emotional and mental health or development of children can help you determine if your child is ready to have a voice in your mediation. As an extra benefit, this expert can help you monitor your children throughout your divorce to ensure that they do not suffer preventable emotional stress.

Finally, we suggest that you do your own due diligence before involving your kids in divorce mediation. You know your children better than anyone and may be able to help the professionals you speak with make the right recommendation about whether your kids should participate.

As you prepare to begin a new chapter in your life, it is crucial to make certain the support system in place for you and your children is strong. Asking questions and seeking solutions is a great way to accomplish this goal. For additional information about divorce mediation, we invite you to visit our website.

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