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Study: Most children of divorce still have happy lives

Parents often worry about getting divorced -- not because they want to save the marriage or some romantic relationship -- but because they do not want the split to have a negative impact on the children. You may have heard the old cliche about "staying together for the kids." This is exactly what it refers to.

If you worry about that yourself, you should know that one study claims the vast majority of children whose parents get divorced do adapt well to their new living situation. They do not experience any permanent negative effects on mental health, social interactions, grades in school or other key areas that concern parents. In short, they still become the happy, well-adjusted kids that you want them to be. The study said that this was true for a full 80 percent of children.

One of the key components lies in ensuring that the children still have great relationships with Mom and Dad. Whether or not the parents stay married does not seem to matter as much as how strong these personal relationships grow. When both parents are involved and show the kids that they care about them, those children still grow up with the positive impact of a two-parent home -- even when the parents technically live in separate homes.

This is one of the advantages of collaborative law. It gives you and your ex the chance to work together for the benefit of the children. You can make decisions that focus on them. Make sure you understand how this legal process works and all of the steps you need to take.

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