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How likely are you to get a divorce?

Although many marriages end in divorce, no couple thinks they will be part of that statistic. All intentions are "'til death do us part." How does what starts out as such a hopeful relationship end with a divorce order?

Numerous reasons exist for divorce, from infidelity to health problems. Yet, even without major events like these, divorce happens, perhaps because many smaller factors also play a role in the likelihood of you and your spouse splitting.


Age may be just a number, but when it comes to having a lasting marriage, that number seems to matter. Business Insider reports that those who marry very young or in the middle of life have higher rates of divorce. Teens and young adults may not be ready for marriage. Older adults are likelier to already be divorced, and second marriages come with a higher divorce risk. A difference in age is also influential. The more years there are between you and your spouse, the less likely you are to stay together.


Having children is not necessarily a cause for divorce, but the circumstances surrounding the event may be. For example, if you got pregnant right before or after the wedding day, your odds of divorce increase says Health Magazine. Children with special needs or behavioral challenges can also cause strain on the marital relationship. Once children grow up and leave, some couples may drift apart or finally get divorced now that minor children are not a factor in the process.

Conflict resolution

Perhaps one of the most telling signs of the strength of your marriage is how you and your spouse resolve conflict. The other factors you can work around if you know how to effectively deal with problems. Those who use devices such as stonewalling (closing off and avoiding discussion) or criticism have lower chances of a long-term, happy union. Daily stress is often a trigger for arguments, so learning how to manage it in a healthy manner can reduce tension.

None of these factors guarantee divorce will happen, but they can be informative of the state of your relationship.

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