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A peaceful divorce is possible

Deciding to end your marriage is a difficult choice. You may be feeling dread about the upcoming divorce process. There is a popular belief that all divorces are ugly and nasty. The truth is, a peaceful divorce is possible. 

If you split as amicably as possible, not only will you and your children feel better emotionally, but the process will also be faster and cheaper. Here are some important pieces of advice for having a cordial breakup.

Accept your part of the blame

It may be tempting to completely blame your spouse for making your marriage fail. Do not fall into this trap. Remember that it takes two to tango and own your part of it. Instead of seeing yourself as a victim, realize that you are partially responsible for the end of your marriage

Put your kids first

If you have children, it may be helpful to have a children-centric divorce. Keep in mind that kids will be more healthy and happy when they have close relationships with both parents. If both of you are responsible and caring parents, you may want to try to get joint custody so you can co-parent. This will help you keep the focus off of petty arguments and getting revenge. 

Be respectful

Strive every day to negotiate the terms of your divorce with dignity and respect. If you and the other parent have mutual respect, everything will be much smoother. One way to accomplish this is by divorcing through mediation rather than going to court. When you step foot in the courtroom, you may automatically feel like you are in a hostile environment. Mediation, on the other hand, puts you in a neutral setting that will assist you in coming to a mutually beneficial outcome. 

Believe it or not, it is possible to divorce peacefully. If you do not try to have an amicable divorce, you may suffer financially and emotionally.

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