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What are the benefits of mediation for children?

Divorce mediation isn't just helpful for you and your ex as you divide your assets. The process can also help you come up with a viable custody arrangement and parenting plan for the children.

If you're considering mediation in your custody case, below are a few of the benefits for kids:

  • Children do not feel like they are coming between their parents. Remember, they're going to have a relationship with you and with your ex after the divorce, so a contentious divorce with a lot of conflict can really strain those relationships.
  • You focus on cooperation, rather than blame. You put all of your time and emotional energy into finding the best solution for the children, rather than battling your spouse in court.
  • You are not as stressed out during the process, specifically because conflict gets reduced and you do not feel like the final solution is out of your hands. Without mediation, there's the constant worry that the judge will rule against you and in favor of your ex.
  • Since you are not as stressed out, neither are your children. They still get to relax and enjoy their time with both parents. There's not as much turmoil. In general, the whole process goes more smoothly and is easier on them.
  • The final result is a compromise that really works. You're not forced into following the judge's plan. You make the plan and it focuses on what your family really needs.

Do you think mediation is right for you? Make sure you understand how it impacts your legal options as you move through divorce.

Source: The Spruce, "10 Reasons to Try Child Custody Mediation," Jennifer Wolf, accessed March 30, 2018

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