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Can divorce kill your career?

Divorce changes your life significantly. It can impact your retirement plans, income levels, time with your children and much more. But what about the impact on your career? Some people worry that a promising career may grind to a halt.

This can happen in some situations, but one woman found that it was really her decisions during the marriage that made the divorce have such a drastic impact.

For one thing, though she kept her career when the couple had children, she did put it on hold. She didn't travel. She didn't seek promotions, opting for easy jobs with lateral moves. She wasn't as driven to succeed, while her husband still traveled often and prioritized his career.

When they got divorced, she found it nearly impossible to get things back on track. She was laid off at work. She suddenly found that, since she was over 40 and hadn't really advanced her career in years, it was hard to find another job. But she had no choice but to seek out work, taking less than ideal positions just because the divorce meant she was down to merely her own income.

It's important to keep this cautionary story in mind, both during marriage and during a divorce. There may be steps you can take to help with the transition. For instance, understanding the financial impact of the split allows you to fight for what you really need in terms of asset division, alimony or spousal support and child support. Make sure you really know your rights and how to work toward the best possible future.

Source: Huffington Post, "Is Divorce a Career Killer?," D. A. Wolf, accessed March 21, 2018

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