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6 reasons to choose divorce mediation

Rather than going to court to find out how a judge thinks your marriage should end, you and your spouse are considering mediation. This process allows a neutral third party to guide you in a legal sense, but it plays out far differently than a court case.

Below are six of the main advantages:

  1. You and your spouse retain the decision-making power, rather than handing that over to a judge, so you really are in control of your own life.
  2. You and your ex, after the divorce, are more likely to remain civil with one another since you did not have to go through a traditional court battle.
  3. If you have children, this more peaceful divorce process may be easier for them.
  4. Mediation can cut back on the total cost of a divorce, and it tends to be faster than going to court.
  5. The whole mediation process remains private from start to finish, protecting your personal life, whereas a case decided in court is technically public information.
  6. You can really push for the things that are most important to you. Since you are making the decisions, and not a judge, you can work through the process with a set list of goals you hope to accomplish. These could include things like spending the most possible time with your children or protecting your retirement savings.

Remember, a court-based divorce is not the only option that you have, even if it's the route you see most people take. Mediation provides an alternative that you may enjoy. Make sure you carefully consider all of your options.

Source: Forbes, "The Four Divorce Alternatives," Jeff Landers, accessed March 15, 2018

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