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What is an evaluative mediator?

Most Florida couples can see the advantages of mediating their divorces. In the best of circumstances, your mediation will be faster, cheaper, less stressful and less complicated than litigating your divorce in a Florida family law court. However, once the decision to mediate your divorce has been made, you'll need to decide what kind of mediation to use.

Here, we will discuss what evaluative mediation is, and what an evaluative mediator can do for you:

Imagine you and your spouse sitting across from each other at a table. Both of you are represented by your lawyers, and both of your lawyers are trying to get you the best deal possible. It could be difficult to cut through to the core of the issue and determine what will actually happen in a real live court settling. This is where an evaluative mediator comes in.

Evaluative divorce mediators are experts on Florida divorce family law. They will be able to sit down with both sides, look at the facts and circumstances of the case, hear what each side has to say and give their determination on how a real family court judge will likely decide the matter.

This insight can be immeasurably valuable to the spouses who are in conflict. If one spouse is stubbornly sticking to his or her guns, but the evaluative mediator illuminates the law in such a way that shows this stubborn spouse will likely lose in court -- it can help the spouses cut through to a settlement quickly and effectively. That said, in order for this process to work, the spouses definitely need to have trust for the expertise of the mediator.

Deciding which method is best can be difficult if you're not clear about what each variety of mediation entails. If you feel that mediation could be the right decision for your divorce case, educate yourself thoroughly on all the divorce mediation options available.

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