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Using collaborative law in dividing property

Finding out that your spouse wants to get divorced is never easy to hear. This can be on the most difficult things you will go through during your lifetime. The minute you are told that divorce is imminent you should begin preparing by finding a divorce attorney who can help you divide property using collaborative law in Fort Lauderdale.

Collaborative law is a great way for a couple to resolve all issues related to a divorce, including the division of property, especially if both parties are resolved to reaching an agreement together. Committing to the collaborative process is done by signing a written agreement that both parties will provide all the necessary documents to reach a final decision.

If you and your spouse still get along, but simply knew the marriage was over, you likely could use collaborative law to solve the division of property issues. You will sit down with a mediator and both lawyers involved in the case. You will go through every single asset and piece of property owned by you as a couple, figuring out who will get which item in the divorce.

The best part about a negotiation such as this is that both of you get to present your ideas and wishes in a comfortable setting, such as a conference room or private room at a restaurant. This helps both parties relax knowing that they are not in front of a judge who will make the decisions for them.

Are you headed for divorce in Florida? An experienced family law attorney will be able to help you understand your situation and explain how collaborative law works best when dividing property.

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